2024 Tech and Cybersecurity Forecast

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Published: 16 January 2024

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2024 could bring transformative advancements in  Quantum Computing, AI, 5G, and more. 

Although we can’t predict the future, we can help business leaders navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing digital world. These are Cyber predictions for this year from our partner Thales!

  • Quantum Computing and Its Business Impact

Quantum computing is a new approach to calculation that uses principles of fundamental physics to quickly solve extremely complex problems. Digital computers have made it easier for us to process information for decades. But quantum computers are made to take computing to a whole new level. And while they won’t replace today’s computers, by using the principles of quantum physics, they will be able to solve very complex statistical problems that today’s computers can’t. 

This year quantum-ready organizations will use the capabilities of quantum computing to handle complex tasks that are currently beyond the reach of classical computers, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity. The advent of quantum-safe cryptography is essential to protect sensitive data against the superior capabilities of quantum computers. Businesses must become crypto-agile and implement quantum-resistant algorithms to safeguard their digital assets.

  • Deploying AI at the network edge

In 2024, the trend in artificial intelligence is shifting toward deploying AI at the network edge, particularly for enterprise applications. The most important advantage of Edge AI is that it brings high-performance computing capabilities to the edge, where sensors and IoT devices are located. AI edge computing enables AI applications to run directly on field devices, processing field data, and run machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) algorithms.

  • 5G-Advanced in 2024

This next-generation network goes beyond faster speeds and reduced latency; it is expected to be the backbone of emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, and smart cities. The enhanced capabilities of 5G-Advanced will enable seamless integration and communication between a vast array of devices and systems, creating a more interconnected and efficient business environment. However, with great power comes great responsibility. The complexity and scale of 5G-Advanced networks introduce novel cybersecurity challenges. The increase in connected devices and the data they generate creates a larger attack surface for cyber threats.

  • Blockchain's Evolution and Enterprise Adoption

For blockchain to truly breakthrough in 2024, it must reinvent itself significantly. While the technology's core principles are robust, particularly for document and data verification applications, its association with high power consumption, criminal activities, and trust issues has hindered widespread enterprise adoption.

  • Machine Learning

2024 is set to witness an accelerated integration of machine learning (ML) and AI in various business processes. This integration fosters new collaborative networks, where autonomous systems communicate and learn from each other, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

Gartner predicts that by 2026, more than 80% of enterprises will have used generative AI APIs and models or deployed generative AI-enabled applications in production environments, marking a significant increase compared to fewer than 5% today.

  • Cyberattacks: Standards and Accountability

As cyber threats grow in sophistication and frequency, regulatory bodies impose stricter cybersecurity standards, compelling organizations to demonstrate compliance and resilience. This shift is leading to a more proactive approach to cybersecurity management.

Cybersecurity and technology are swiftly progressing, influenced by economic, technological, and societal factors. In light of these developments, a strategic approach that combines foresight and adaptability will be crucial for companies to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

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