AI in Tourism: Our Ivana Perković Presents at HGK Sector Workshop

Published: 2 May 2024

Reading time: 2 minutes

Alfatec's Senior Hospitality Sales Consultant, Ivana Perković, will be one of the distinguished speakers at the sector workshop on AI in tourism organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK). This initiative by HGK reflects the recognition of artificial intelligence's potential for accelerated growth of the Croatian economy.

The workshop will focus on examining the economic and societal impact of artificial intelligence on tourism, with an overview of the current state, trends, opportunities, and benefits, as well as the risks and challenges of applying artificial intelligence in this sector. Additionally, it will delve into the detailed analysis of natural language processing applications in artificial intelligence systems in tourism and hospitality, with a particular focus on AI chatbots in the hospitality industry.

Ivana Perković has been active in the hospitality industry for over sixteen years, currently serving as a Senior Hospitality Sales Consultant at Alfatec. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Zagreb, she gained extensive work experience in the hotel sector, performing various functions at all levels of hotel operations, from reservation offices to group reservations, managing key customers, and leading hotel sales and marketing departments. She is responsible for developing sales plans and strategies and building customer relationships. Furthermore, from the outset, she has been actively collaborating with Alfatec's Research & Development department in conceptualizing SaaS solutions for the hospitality industry, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Ivana Perković, Alfatec

Her presentation on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, will focus on smart communication via AI chatbots in the hospitality industry. The presentation will cover key aspects of applying artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience and communication with guests. The focus will be on benefits such as 24/7 customer support availability, process automation, service personalization, multilingual and multi-channel communication, and improving guest satisfaction.

Moreover, Perković will emphasize the importance of adapting and training AI chatbots to the specificities of the hotel industry, data security and privacy, implementation and integration methods, as well as advanced functionalities such as personalized promotional activities and sentiment analysis of guests.

This presentation is expected to provide valuable insights and practical examples from the hospitality industry domain, encouraging further implementation of AI technologies in tourism and hospitality. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and practices and exchange experiences with other industry experts.

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