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Published: 24 July 2023

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Email security tips are crucial for protecting the business from evolving cyber threats. 

By monitoring account activity and enabling recovery options, you can quickly respond to potential security incidents.

While emails prove to be a great medium, their vulnerabilities are a major cause of concern for organizations. As malicious actors and threat vectors continue to evolve, organizations need to adapt and implement the latest measures and best practices to mitigate risks and enhance their security posture.

When business emails are compromised, this has the potential to result in multiple issues – from financial impacts and eroding consumer confidence to tarnishing brand reputation and causing PR setbacks. Implementing best practices and upgrading with the latest tech is good for business, brand, and customers.

Email Security Benefits

Email security is essential for businesses and individuals to protect sensitive information and prevent catastrophic data breaches. Here are some benefits of email security:

  • Protects against phishing and spoofing attacks: Email security can help detect and resolve email threats such as phishing or spoofing, which can lead to devastating breaches and the risk of malware or other harmful computer viruses.
  • Prevents data breaches: Email encryption can prevent accidents and prevent costly data breaches. It protects confidential information such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, employee PII, and intellectual property.
  • Improves confidentiality: Secure email encryption solutions can bolster confidentiality by ensuring that only the intended recipients can access the email content.
  • Identifies malicious and spam emails: Email security can help detect malicious or spam emails that might breach the mail system’s spam filter, making accounts vulnerable to engaging with such emails.
  • Avoids business risks and remains compliant: Email encryption services can help businesses avoid risks and remain compliant with industry regulations.
  • Safeguards sensitive information: Email security can protect sensitive information, such as intellectual property, financial records, and top-secret company information and trade secrets, from interception by malicious actors like hackers and cybercriminals.
  • Real-time protection: Email security solutions can provide real-time protection against zero-day exploits by providing anti-malware and anti-spam protection.
  • Avoids compromised accounts and identity theft: Email encryption can help avoid compromised accounts and identity theft by preventing attackers from stealing login credentials and other personal data or installing malware.
  • Email security is not just about protecting your inbox; it’s about securing your organization from potential threats that could lead to significant data breaches or financial loss.

So, what can brands do to secure their emails?

One way is by implementing an emerging standard known as Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI
Not only does it provide strong email authentication, but it also comes with branding benefits. Combining DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) technology with Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs), BIMI enables brands to display their logos in a customer’s inbox, securely.


The role of VMCs is to authenticate the registered trademark logo to enable organizations to display them alongside outbound emails per BIMI guidelines. DMARC, on the other hand, is an email security protocol that, when correctly configured, authenticates emails to protect organizations against domain impersonation and phishing attacks. Together, they help secure the email ecosystem and create immersive email experiences to build consumer confidence and strengthen the brand.

Entrust recognizes the need to accelerate BIMI adoption across industries to enhance the email ecosystem and improve customer experience.

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