DWEM Data Warehouse Integrades Predictive Analytics

Published: 24 February 2021

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In an unstable economic scenario, the power to predict and forecast demand and consumer behavior is not only important but also necessary. As the industry moves towards warehouse digitalization, collection and analysis of large volumes of data alone can be a lot of work.

DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler is an innovative application solution intended for the rapid development and implementation of Data Warehouses and analytical systems, developed by our leading business consultants and development engineers. Its strength manifests itself in its number of developmental functionalities, necessary for the production of Data Warehouse data models and automization of the ETL process.
DWEM Data Warehouse solution can be implemented on-premise, on cloud or hybrid (a mix between both) infrastructure to cater to your business needs and current infrastructure.

DWEM frameworks & tools

Our DWEM Data Warehouse is the most innovative solution in the Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence area that brings together industry and business know-how, top data processing performances and all the most advanced integrational and analytical functionalities in one solution .

DWEM Data Warehouse incorporates:

  • Machine Learning (Based on historical and market data, DWEM Data Warehouse learns about your business so can provide better predictions of business trends).
  • Leadership and Competencies (Supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, running business based on trusted data become much easier. DWEM Data Warehouse brings a virtual data scientist to your office).
  • The uniqueness of business terminology (The unique meaning of business terms and the unique calculation of measures ensure that the company speaks the same language)
  • Predictive analysis (Provides insights such as: what revenue/profit you can expect in the future, which products will be the most in demand, which products should I order next week, etc.).
  • How the weather forecast impacts to your business (Isn’t it great to know which products are most in-demand during sunny days, does the rainy period impacts your cash-flow,… ? Plan your sales activities based on weather forecast).

    DWEM solution covers various industries:
DWEM Industries

Companies implement data warehouses for many reasons, ranging from the need for strategic business insights to addressing tactical challenges of data aggregation and retention. In general, data warehouses provide the following benefits and support key business areas and functions:

Past Present Future

Key characteristic of DWEM Data Warehouse Soluton:

  • Integrated (Integrates all sources into a single data source for data analysis).
  • Consistent (Unique definition of all business terms).
  • Organized (Organized according to business processes).
  • Time variant (Business rules and relationships change over time. Contains data history).
  • Oriented to analysis (Ensures easiness of ad-hoc report development. Includes numerous best-practice reports).
  • Best practices (Includes industry and business area best-practices).
  • Goes predictive (Uses integrated predictive models for sales, purchasing, finance, warehouse, etc).
  • Self-learning (Machine learning and AI enables better business predictions and optimizes system performance).
  • Extremely fast (If implemented on inmemory database ensures up to 100 times better ETL and query performance).
  • Implemented in days (Thanks to the DWEM Extractors, the entire implementation is counted in days).
  • Tco friendly (Up to 70% lower cost than classic Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse system).
DWEM Extractors

Want know more about DWEM Data Warehouse and predictive analytics and how it can grow your business? Contact us!

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