DWEM Opinion for in-stay and post-stay surveys

Published: 5 June 2020

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Managing guest data gives the hotelier the ability to understand their guests needs even before they check-in and can create personalized marketing and experiences during stay and throughout the lifecycle of the customer. When looking at your Hotel’s main objectives to drive profit, increase guest satisfaction, and earn guest loyalty, identifying your most valuable guests allows you to connect during their stay, entices them to come back, as well as finds others similar to them.

The key to providing a better guest experience is being proactive. Some guests will take the time to call or walk to the front desk to complain, but most won’t . The majority of the unhappy customers will not complain, but will tell 9-15 of their friends.

Guest surveys are one of the most efficient ways of encouraging feedback and they have the potential to boost a hotel business. Creating a successful in-stay and post-stay surveys will ensure more positive feedback and higher levels of guest satisfaction.  No matter the aim of your survey, asking the right questions will help you to get a large amount of easy to analyze information. It is however not always easy to ask the right questions so you get the exact information you want.

No other industry is as vulnerable and effected by online reputation and price changes as the hospitality industry and DWEM Hospitality can help hotels with those challenges. DWEM Opinion is one of the DWEM Hospitality modules which offers on-line solution for survey campaign creation, management and analysis. Multilingual surveys are individualized, anonymized, scheduled, categorized, and fully adopted to Hotel’s needs (for example research about COVID-19 changes in Hotel. Guest satisfaction measurement tools collect valuable feedback, so that a hotel can make the changes and improvements which customer base really needs. We use NPS (Net Promoter Score) as primary metric. NPS measures guest experience and predicts business growth. NPS scores are measured with a single question survey and reported with a number from -100 to +100, a higher score is desirable. NPS is calculating by using the answer to a key question. Hotels asks a key question and respondents are grouped as:
– Promoters (high score) are loyal guests who will return to your hotel and recommend your hotel to others.
– Passives (middle score) are satisfied but unenthusiastic guests.
– Detractors (low score) are unhappy guests who can damage your brand.

NPS analytics

Post-stay surveys are a valuable tool for hoteliers – they provide the guest feedback necessary to identify and solve internal issues. Guests have an option to write their comments in a open field. This is a helpful way to collect information that might not be related to any of  your questions. By doing so, hoteliers may be able to lessen the chance that a guest will post a negative review on Booking, TripAdvisor or other OTA/review sites about the stay.

DWEM hospitality

Post-stay surveys offer significant benefits for hoteliers. Creating the ultimate guest experience should be a hotel’s primary goal. A well-executed guest feedback strategy will seriously transform your business. It’s more important than ever to not only monitor your guest feedback, but also adopt quickly according to feedbacks in survey  and to let your guests know that you are listening. Also, to share the feedback internally so your hotel can improve.

Feel free to contact us for more information about DWEM Opinion at –  https://alfatec.hr/kontakt/. We would gladly make you a DWEM Hospitality presentation.

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