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Published: 2 November 2020

Reading time: 2 minutes

Working remotely is not a new topic unfortunately. Teams and organizations are reinventing themselves in the era of corona-cancellations, forcing their processes to go even more digital and finding alternative solutions to make the most out of their investments.

ALFATEC Group, as a provider of a digital signature service – Signator, found a positive outcome from this situation, with a little help of today’s technology.

Deals can be signed and documents can be shared with no dependency from where we are using emails and remote signature.To encourage the use of legally valid contracts signed online and provide a high level of convenience to customers, it is necessary to enable complete client mobility, with a minimum need for visiting branch offices. The immediate impact of this provides a huge boost not just to the online economy, but also to any transborder business activity as it contributes to the most basic element necessary for any type of deal, that is – Trust. It also delivers practical relief to citizens and businesses entangled into countless bureaucratic processes, where only sealed and signed papers are acceptable.
Remote Digital Signature is a solution with which you can remotely electronically sign any document, with legal value, without a token and without installing special drivers, from any device (including smartphone or tablet), anywhere and anytime. It provides fast, secure and flexible digital signing service on the go, from any Internet-connected device. A cloud signing solution lets users digitally sign documents without the need for locally installed digital signatures by relying on the services of a cloud-hosted signing service.

Digital signing on-premises

Even though security is the number one priority for this solution, user experience is also considered to be a high-level request for remote digital signarure. Our solution Signator is designed for busy, non-technical people, to help them sign documents easily and intuitively.

We will gladly make a perfect combination for your organization. Contact us!

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