Hotel Guest Reviews Can Increase Sales

Published: 30 May 2022

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Good or bad, feedback is feedback and businesses need it. Without it, we could all be doing wrong and not realising it. Feedback gives us the ability to change direction for the good of the business. Feedback helps us understand the why behind consumer behaviour and can help us fix common problems.

Having multiple ways in which to obtain feedback is important as it helps you gather as much data as possible. There is no one single best way to gather all the feedback from all your customers. The more ways you use, the income is better. Here are some of the:

In-room customer surveys

When it comes towards the end of their stay, allowing the cleaners to leave a well-constructed survey for them to fill out is ideal. With their experience still fresh in their memory, you can expect some strong and honest opinions.



Email is a great way to prompt customers to leave a review. Once again, timing is key. Actively sending out review reminders while your customers may potentially be travelling back home isn’t ideal. Instead, opt to send out review reminders a few days after they’ve checked out.

Website reviews

Online bookings rise each year which is the perfect indication that people enjoy the freedom of booking online. One of the many perks of online bookings is the ability to read previous feedback.


Allowing customers to let go their frustrations or positively share their good experiences enables you to gather vital information about your own business.

There are a number of solutions on the market to help with everything from online review monitoring to customer service focused texting. Here are some latest technology innovations in hospitality to see how they can help make the feedback process easy and stress fred.

Feedback questions can be made through:
Wi-Fi logins
QR codes
NFC technology (such as tapping phones on to connected devices)
Printed URLs
Installed screens displaying questions
Hotel mobile apps and rewards programs

Hotel Review

Creating a personalized experience when asking for feedback allows you to customize your approach and customer service based on the guest personas that you have identified at your property. Customized surveys allow you to ask specific questions and obtain the information you need to attract more group bookings.

Show past and potential guests that you care about them by responding to online feedback. When you accept and promote your online reviews, you are showing other travellers that you value the opinion of your guests and that you are willing to go the extra mile to deliver superior customer service.

With positive and neutral reviews, it’s a good best practice to respond within 24 hours. When it comes to review responses, more communication is almost always better than less. All this information can be used to improve services.

To be able to get in deep analytics of the customer feedbacks across all channels and platforms you should definitely try DWEM Hospitality.

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