Just a few weeks away from a robust, next-generation e-commerce solution powered by artificial intelligence ALFATEC Group presents – SAP Upscale Commerce Solution

Published: 31 August 2020

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SAP Upscale Commerce is an eCommerce Cloud based next-generation platform powered by artificial intelligence, which can help small and mid-market companies by offering quick, strong and relevant eCommerce experience.


COVID-19 global pandemic will likely be one of the defining events of 2020, and it will have implications that last well into the decade. Its influence is reflected in many industries, which have to transform and adapt their businesses to the new situation, and that will especially evident in the trading business.

People are changing what they are buying, when, and how.

The factors which arose the e-commerce market before the COVID-19 pandemic include strong and steady growth of internet users and bigger awareness related to online shopping, increasing online launching of products, low price due to bulk purchase and so on. In addition, an increasing number of exclusive products in the market and lower prices of goods due to the direct distribution channel and economies of scale further contribute to the growth of the global e-commerce market. Moreover, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and staying home, changes in the way we work, new habits becoming normal, is further expected to push the consumers towards online shopping. Accordingly, the companies which adapt their business to the new paradigm of the commerce, can expect their income to grow and their brand to get stronger, as well as their business potential. On the other hand, those who fall behind will lose on the volume of its sales and its recognizability – but also significantly increase its susceptibility to market risks.

ALFATEC Group offers quick and efficient response to the needs of a small and mid-market eCommerce companies – next-generation solution SAP Upscale Commerce.

Features of SAP Upscale Commerce:

Omni-channel Storefront – gives your customers a consistent view of your contents or end-products across all their devices – PC, smartphones, or tablets.

Omni channel

Product information management – unlimited attribution of the product variations, defined by the trader using simple mapping and clicking – with no need for software upgrades. Integration with any ERP for the real-time synchronization of the products and prices. Support for the complex hierarchies of the products and categories etc.

Personalization –  You can improve the average order value and augment gains by providing tailored content, based on the shopper’s behavior and buying history. SAP Upscale Commerce allows you to segment customers and provides relevant product recommendations based on preferences.

Experience builder – offers to business user to develop user experience on any channel (desktop, mobile, instore) – with no need for IT support. Numerous templates and drag-and-drop functions enable quick configuration od the product sites, including simple extensions with new components such as pictures, descriptions and AI functions.

Starter Stores

Enhanced shopping experience – functions such as shopping support using anonimous, guest or registered user accounts, auto-fill of addresses for delivery and sending invoices, single-click shopping using Google or Apple Pay, automatic calculation of delivery costs and taxes, detailed tracking of every delivery step, creating wish-lists etc. – providing maximum simplicity and joy of shopping.

Promotions and marketing – solution supports simple making of upsell & next-sell suggestions, configured by the trader and AI supported. Moreover, enables sending order confirmation or delivery status e-mails etc., with additional shopping suggestions.

Continuity and autoshiping – it is possible to schedule a continuous future purchase of shopping carts by the customer – with easy adjustment at any time.

Mobile and progressive web application configuration  – possibility of expanding PWA (Progressive Web Application) code using set of microservices and native SDK for iOS, Android i PWA

Search – advanced search and filtering functions

Distributed order management – support for all delivery status with numerous options for distributors, shops and warehouses – trader configures routing the orders, packing, sorting and delivery options. It’s possible to turn on the AI-orchestrated routing instead of predefined.


Unified inventory management – support for unified stock management of the all warehouses, possibility of defining Real-time Global ATP (Available-To-Promise) for all the channels by trader, possibility of configuration real-time synchronization of the stock status with any ERP system.

Customer Support – advanced search options by customers and orders for the employers of the customer support through all the channels, possibility of editing the customer’s order, canceling the whole order or individual items, etc.

International Support: Multi-language, Multi-currency, Multi-site

GDPR compliance – consent management configuration for privacy policy, terms of service and marketing. GDPR audit log for analysis of individual events, the possibility of configuration changes by system users, identification of attempts of unauthorized access to the system or malicious activities, etc.

SAP Upscale Commerce is deployed in the cloud and available as a SaaS offering, so you can go live quickly and benefit from regular updates.
Our team of specialists can help you successfully deploy SAP Commerce Cloud and to become a truly global digital business. Request a free presentation and demonstration today! Contact us via form below – https://alfatec.hr/en/contact/

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