March 22nd 2023|Forcepoint DLP Bootcamp|Rooftop Lateral, Zagreb

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Published: 22 March 2023

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Today, at a Bootcamp event with FORCEPOINT DLP we learned about all the important news related to Forcepoint portfolio solutions.

The experts Tamara Velanac (Clico SEE), Mikolaj Pigon (Forcepoint), and Azur Šaćiragić (Alfatec Group) discussed a very important topic on protecting sensitive information and preventing data loss. 

Azur i Borko

Forcepoint's use cases helped the participants to understand the importance of migrating to a DLP solution. We learned not only the DLP deployment can be a smooth and stress-free process, but also that understanding your true customer is the essential secret to IT business alignment.


This Bootcamp was a must-watch opportunity for anyone interested in keeping their business secure in the digital age. The reason is simple - Your data needs to be protected against outsiders who want to get in and access it and also insiders who either unintentionally, by design, or because they’ve been blackmailed or tricked, might try to change, delete or steal your data.

About Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint DLP is a data protection solution that guards against accidental or intentional damage to data and all types of data theft events. The DLP, in its name, stands for data loss prevention, which is a standard cybersecurity term for systems that protect data.


The solution can detect and protect personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and intellectual property (IP).

Thank you for joining our event! Contact us for the next step strategy!

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