SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Published: 15 June 2020

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In today’s global and highly competitive business environment, enterprises can not hope to compete and grow without proper planning. It helps analysing strengths and weaknesses, makes think about the goals and helps to develop the right strategies in order to achieve those goals. A good thinking process should lead to good business planning where sensible and better decisions are based on reliable information, not on a feeling. Also, building a business plan allows businesses to determine the answer to some most critical decisions – ahead of time. That helps to see the bigger picture, plan ahead, make important decisions and improve the overall likelihood of success.

We are all witnesses of the COVID-19 crisis, which is now threatening the well-being of the global community. Business leaders must drive an integrated response to navigate, manage and lead through it. Major shifts are forcing companies to rethink how they operate in virtually every area – from pricing and procurement to supply chains, sales and cybersecurity. And for sure, more change is about to come. That change makes us to understand how our people are feeling and adjusting to the new normal on a daily basis. During that time, we all are adapting to different work and collaboration models, the newness and the experiences are all unique to each of us depending on it’s own job in or industry.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning technology can help businesses confront and navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. It is one simple cloud solution for BI, also stands out as one of the best and easiest-to-use business management solutions. It is planning and predictive, connects people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision making.

Revenue strategy and simulation

Planning models of SAP Analytics Cloud provide all the functionality of analytical models and also deliver great control over the data – the ability to customize budgets, forecasts, to create your own versions of data , copy, paste and use the planning function. It enables users to create, control and maintain planning scenarios independently. It takes little technical knowledge to cope with this technology. This makes the business department more independent of the IT and, that’s why, it enables it to adapt planning more quickly and flexibly to the constantly changing market requirements.

One of the changes everybody who is running a business came across are questions such as: What if I hired more employees? What If I gave everyone a raise? All of these you can test in SAP Analytics Cloud, using a value tree. Running there forecasts using the predictive analytics capabilities, you can project how much you can make in coming years. This information can help you inform business decisions such as allocating resources to hiring more staff or justifying the cost of a new campaign.

Financial Planning

Good collaboration is also crucial for running a quality business. As teams become more cross-functional, collaboration and sharing is essential. User experience within SAP Analytics Cloud is intuitive and effective, and it covers collaboration, sharing and permissions. Teams can collaborate on a story, create a discussion, and also comment, as a great way to offer feedback on specific element in a story.

One more problem often becomes critical to the running of a successful business in these uncertain times – Financial Planning. Planning from practical decision making to. SAP has set about making Financial Planning simple and effective. A huge part of using SAP Analytics Cloud is that you can really optimise and strategize your financial planning process. You can effectively simplify the financial planning process for all business areas and level with integrated planning functionality.

Analytics Cloud

There are many other planning capabilities in the Planning models of SAP Analytics, such as Workflow, Driver based planning, Multi Model Support, Built in financial Intelligence, Plan at any level, Alternative Hierarchy support, Private Versions, Comments, Data Entry, Disaggregation, Versions, Fiscal Year Support, FX, etc.

Whether your business scenario consists of short-term, long-term, operational, or financial planning, SAP Analytics Cloud provides you with all the tools you need to build a strong and interactive plan, which will help you to override the problems caused by upcoming recession.

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