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Published: 19 March 2023

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Protect you IoT data with Entrust IoT Security Solution!

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially, but security for IoT projects and deployments remains an obstacle for many organizations. One fundamental IoT security component is making sure devices and services have trusted identities that can interact within secure ecosystems.

Here are some easy steps everyone should do to protect their IoT assets:

1. Find Out How Many IoT Connected Devices You Have

When securing data on IoT-connected devices, there is no more logical place to start than locating the number of IoT devices you have on your network. You need to know which types you have and what the devices are so that you can catalog any potential security vulnerabilities that your sensitive data may be exposed to.

2. Ensure Strict Password Policies

Compromised credentials frequently result in data breaches, and the same applies when we’re discussing IoT-connected devices. Implementing stringent password policies that include complex passwords that must be regularly updated, helps to take some of the risks away. As soon as any IoT device is connected to the network, its password should be changed immediately to something more in keeping with this new policy.

3. Keep Everything Up to Date

Many organizations and individuals do not keep their devices up to date. Most IT systems are regularly updated to help patch known security vulnerabilities, but IoT devices aren’t often kept to the same standard. You need to ensure that users are actively going to the vendor's website when setting up new IoT devices and downloading the latest security patches.

4. Limit IoT Devices to Only the Useful Ones

When it comes to IoT devices, more does not necessarily mean better. Only implement IoT devices that you know will bring a tangible benefit to your business. Any IoT devices that aren’t currently adding a benefit to your business should be disconnected.

5. Monitor Your Connected Devices

There are plenty of solutions out there that can analyze the behavior of all your network connected devices. When choosing a security solution that is designed to monitor how your sensitive data is being used on connected devices, ensure you pick one that can integrate with a more comprehensive Data Security Platform. That way, you can be sure that, wherever your sensitive data is located, you know where it is, who has access to it and what users are doing with it.

 The key requirements for any IoT security solution are:

 - IoT Device and data security, including authentication of devices and confidentiality and integrity of data 

- Implementing and running security operations at IoT scale

- Meeting compliance requirements and requests

- Meeting performance requirements as per the use case

Entrust IoT Security Solution

Entrust IoT Security allows organizations to seamlessly secure IT and OT devices through scalable machine and user identity management.

It provides the building blocks of strong security by delivering identity services then seamlessly connecting to your IT identity services. Providing high-assurance certificate based identities, Entrust IoT Security ensures that no machine goes unmanaged.


Entrust’s IoT solution provides a modular solution that can be added in pieces to an existing infrastructure or consumed as a complete turnkey management stack.

The embedded Agent adds key and certificate management for embedded and virtual workloads that don’t natively have such abilities. Certificate and key management via a single console ensures that green and brownfield devices can be managed centrally through the IoT Agent, or system-level automation and integrations to cloud providers and MDM (Mobile Device Management) platforms.


- Scalable machine identity management

- Maintain crypto agility for your deployed endpoints with fully managed crypto agent

- Authentication and authorization for IoT infrastructure with embedded TLS stack

- Prevent unauthorized command and control

- Ensure data integrity

- Dedicated private trust chains

- Bring your own trusted CA chain

- Prepare for threats post quantum

- CAs backed by FIPS-certified HSM

- Secure firmware and software upgrades with Code Signing

- Secure key generation and storage with TPM 2.0 supported on IoT device


-Manage machine identity lifecycle from one central console

- Automated certificate deployment throughout your distributed system

-Embedded OCSP service for easy validation of certificates


With five decades of experience working with distributed technology solutions, Entrust is a market leader in certificate issuance, identity management, and digital security systems trusted globally by governments, banks, and enterprises. Entrust IoT Security relies on the vendor’s industry-recognized Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution.

Beyond Entrust’s comprehensive device management offerings, its explicit edge device management products are IoT Identity Issuance and IoT Identity Management. These agent-based solutions can quickly onboard and configure new IoT devices and facilitate secure communication between apps, users, and appliances

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