Security driven by the human point

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Published: 24 October 2022

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which gives security leaders and executives an opportunity to raise fresh ideas and conversations around cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is everyone’s job — but, sometimes, it can be difficult to get people engaged around security and best practices. But with the escalating volume and frequency of global phishing and social engineering attacks, each employee’s decisions are more impactful than ever.

So, instead of focusing solely on data, security should begin and end with people. The key is to gain visibility into user interactions with data and applications. Once this is achieved, you can apply a level of control based on the specific user’s risk and the sensitivity or value of the data. An organization’s data protection program must consider the human point — the intersection of users, data and networks. In addition, the enterprise must remain vigilant of data as it moves across the enterprise and highlight the people who create, touch and move data.

Data protection must:
• Secure regulated data with a single point of control for all the applications your people use to create, store and move data.
• Protect intellectual property with advanced DLP that analyzes how people use data, coaches your people to make good decisions with data and prioritizes incidents by risk.

Forcepoint DLP addresses human-centric risk with visibility and control everywhere your people work and everywhere your data resides. Security teams apply user-risk scoring to focus on the events that matter most and to accelerate compliance with global data regulations.
Accelerate compliance

Many security solutions offer some form of integrated DLP, such as the type found within cloud applications. Yet security teams face unwanted complexity and added costs when deploying and managing separate and inconsistent policies across endpoints, cloud applications and networks. Forcepoint DLP accelerates your compliance efforts by combining pre-packaged coverage of global regulations with central control across your IT environment. Forcepoint DLP efficiently secures sensitive customer information and regulated data so you can confidently prove ongoing compliance.

Empower people to protect data
DLP with only preventive controls frustrates users who will circumvent them with the sole intention of completing a task. Going around security results in unnecessary risk and inadvertent data exposure. Forcepoint DLP recognizes your people as the front lines of today’s cyber threats. 
Advanced detection and controls that follow the data
Malicious and accidental data breaches are complex incidents, not single events. Forcepoint DLP is a proven solution that analyst firms including Gartner, Radicati and others recognize as a leader within the industry. Forcepoint’s DLP offerings are available in 2 versions: DLP for Compliance and DLP for Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Respond and remediate risk
Traditional approaches to DLP overload users with false positives while missing data at risk. Forcepoint DLP applies advanced analytics to correlate seemingly unrelated DLP events into prioritized incidents. Incident Risk Ranking (IRR) provided with Forcepoint DLP fuses disparate DLP indicators into a framework of Bayesian belief networks to assess the likelihood of data risk scenarios, such as data theft and broken business processes. 
• Focus response teams on greatest risk with prioritized incidents that highlight the people responsible for risk, the critical data at risk and common patterns of behavior across users. 
•  Investigate and respond with workflows that link disparate events, show context of data at risk and provide analysts with the information they need to take action. 
• Safeguard user privacy with anonymization options and access controls.
• Add the context of data into broader user analytics through deep integrations with Forcepoint Insider Threat and Forcepoint Behavioral Analytics.
Visibility everywhere your people work, control everywhere your data resides
Today’s enterprises are challenged with complicated environments, where data is everywhere and requires the protection of data in places that aren’t managed or owned by the enterprise. Forcepoint DLP for Cloud Applications extends analytics and DLP policies to critical cloud applications so your data is protected, wherever it resides.
• Identify and protect data across cloud applications, network data stores, databases and managed endpoints.
• Gain visibility to uploads and downloads as well as data sharing and stored data on the most popular cloud apps utilized by enterprises including Office 365, Google Apps, Box, Salesforce and more. 
• Unify policy enforcement via single console to define and apply data discovery policies across all channels - cloud, network and endpoints.
•  Forcepoint hosted solution that extends enterprise DLP features including fingerprinting and machine learning to cloud applications.

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