The Challenge of SAAS Management (Meet Scirge, Your Online Business Web App Account Officer)

Published: 3 March 2021

Reading time: 2 minutes

Do you have control over unmanaged web accounts? Do you know where employees register with corporate emails? Do you have the tools to overcome Shadow IT? Do you have an inventory of the web apps used in your company? Do you know what SaaS cloud apps employees have access to? We have answers to all those questions and more.

Scirge provides a unique approach to unveil and gain control over unmanaged third-party web accounts. Scirge tracks the websites employees use corporate email addresses to register on and log in to. Having a central dashboard of discovered accounts helps to reduce the risk of credential-related threats. It helps to ensure that your company complies with GDPR and other audit requirements.

Businesses rely heavily on third-party web-based apps and services. Countless online accounts are created and used by employees each day on SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud platforms to tackle each task that the business requires. For instance, the marketing team has access to newsletter services, online creative tools, and social media tools; HR has access to job portals and HR software; the sales team utilizes CRMs and lead generation tools. Most of these accounts are created ad-hoc by employees, which means that they are unmanaged and unknown, creating a tremendous amount of risk and IT management overhead.

About Scirge
Scirge reveals unknown web apps and manages password hygiene issues such as shared accounts, weak passwords or account reuse for employees using corporate email addresses as credentials. This solution enables you to have control and visibility over your company’s SaaS usage to help you comply with GDPR and other audit requirements, effectively reducing the IT operational overhead and cost relating to unsanctioned Shadow IT usage.

Scirge Solutions

Scirge specializes in helping modern organizations discover, secure, and manage their cloud footprint. It fills a gap in the IT Security and Management field. The inovative, high-quality software services reduce management overhead, facilitate compliance, and reduce exposure to credential-related threats. And importanly – it is agile, fast-moving, and customer-friendly.

7 accounts

How it works
Scirge is easy to deploy and manage. The Central Server is responsible for management, while the Endpoints collect information from Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers. Based on centrally-managed policies, Scirge monitors and collects company-related credentials and all relevant information from the given website to build a local inventory for your cloud security purposes. Users may be alerted or redirected for awareness training when they are at risk of breaching certain policies. Scirge works locally and even offline, building a local app and account directory for organizations based on the actual usage.

Scirge process

Key Features
• Role Based Access Control
• 4-eye principle
• Audit Logs
• PII Anonymization
• Endpoint Authorization
• Double-Encrypted communication

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